Founded in 1996 started from RIP, Lintor Technologies Inc. has since successfully helped thousands of customers.

Integrated advertising output, digital printing, UV industry, and three major territories for many years of experience to provide the digital output of industry integrations, growing together with customers.


Any of industry, the most important core
technology is product development capability.

To understand the market vendors, it is the only way to integrate the most useful equipment. Lintor integrated hardware and software technologies in order to fundamentally solve your problem. Since 2007, we officially take control the core technology, the name of the LDP (Lintor Digital Printer), launched all kinds of self-development models.


Color management is the most important factors to determine the output quality good or bad!

Hardware and software in the video output process has its own color profile (ICC Profile), it is to cause color difference, the chain reaction caused the color difference is very large, and only after over and over again, in the try & error process of accumulating, provide the most accurate advice and improvement for different needs and conditions. Due to RIP is the middle of the RIP ranking in the process, from the input > software controls > the output...closely linked factors. Lintor started from RIP software which means it is exactly as the competitive core, furthermore the most important thing of RIP is to monitor and output products to be consistent, the concept is as same as color management "seen can be printed" Lintor started from color management, and gradually integration of supplies, ink, equipment and other elements of color management. Lintor has been involving the field of color management for more than 10 years, the accumulated wealth of experience and resources, to avoid costs rising, our responsibility is to meet your color management demand.